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Dispatch training

Have you completed our course? Have you lined up your first potential client? Not sure where to start or maybe just lacking a little bit of confidence?


Our Partnership Program was designed for people like you!

If you are new to the industry, you may have certain reservations when it comes to actually signing up and managing your first client. Or you may not be properly equipped when it comes to billing and collecting your dispatch fees. If this is the case Alfa X can help you with signup of your client and setup of billing procedure. As part of this partnership we will also provide you with guidance, should you have any questions related to logistics or dispatch of your client.


Dispatch training


We will help prepare and sign any documents with a client
We will help you bill your client
No term agreements. You can utilize our assistance as much or as little as you need
Confidence in dealing with your first client knowing you have the support of an experienced dispatch team
Customer Service

Let us work for you! As an alternative, you may hire Alfa X’s team to help you dispatch your client. Let’s imagine you just signed up a new client, but you are concerned you are not ready to service them properly. Now you can hire dispatch professionals from Alfa X Logistics who will do searching on your behalf and provide you load options to present to your client. Your clients don’t have to know you are not working alone and have a support team behind your operation. This will make you look like an experienced professional while you are gaining your own experience.

How much will it cost you? Just $150 per week (per one truck). If you are charging your client $250-$350 per week you will be making money, while someone else is doing “legwork” for you. This offer is limited to semi-trucks only and also subject to availability.

In order to participate in our Partnership Program for new dispatchers, you have to meet and agree to following requirements:

- Complete our Interactive Dispatch Training Course

- Have an initial verbal agreement with your client
- Agree to pay $50 per week to our parent company Alfa X

- Be available over the phone to our staff during working hours

Dispatch training


(!) Please note: our parent company Alfa X Logistics reserves the right not to participate in any of the offered partnerships if they do not have ability to provide dedicated support due to current work overload. Please check with us first! A refundable "Admin fee" may be assessed prior to entering into partnership agreement!

Ready to partner with us?
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